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Kristi Dranginis, Founder of Bird Mentor

Bird Mentor is a resource for live and online courses helping people worldwide build confidence learning about birds and the natural world through an innovative new approach.

Students are immersed in the principles of instinctive birding, deep nature connection, bird language, and Kristi’s innovative model for advanced bird identification.

In addition to her 8-month masters course, Advanced Skills for Beginning Birders, and her bird song identification course, Learning Bird Song, featured in the Audubon Magazine, Kristi is also the creator of the game-changing bird ID course, Identify Any Bird Anywhere, that offers a friendly new approach to learning about birds in just 8 easy lessons.

Kristi has banded the Roseate & Common Terns on Great Gull Island, as well as migratory birds at Oxbow Preserve and hummingbirds at Mesa Verde National Park. Kristi is also a professional speaker and travels nationally to present workshops about her innovative approach to learning birds.

In addition to geeking out about birds, Kristi is also a Naturalist, Herbalist, Photographer and has contributed to the new Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird Nests and ABA’s Birder’s Guide.

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